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With Hydra, you can import data and run queries against Google Spreadsheets. Google Spreadsheet External Tables are implemented using gspreadsheet_fdw. To create a Google Spreadsheet External Table, create a Google Spreadsheet with some data:

  • Put column names in the first row: untitled columns will not be read

  • A blank row terminates the table (data below won't be read)

  • Put it in the first (and only) worksheet

Get the spreadsheet ID from the HTTP URL. The ID is a 44-character string matching regexp [A-Za-z0-9_]{44}. It lives between the /spreadsheets/d/ and possible trailing /edit/blah in the URL of your Google Spreadsheet.

Create a Google Service Account and enable Google Sheets API access by following this guide. Share your Google spreadsheet with the Google Service Account email that is in the format of

Create a foreign table, replacing ... with your Google Spreadsheet ID and Google Service Account credentials in JSON format:


CREATE SERVER multicorn_gspreadsheet FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER multicorn
    wrapper 'gspreadsheet_fdw.GspreadsheetFdw'

CREATE FOREIGN TABLE test_spreadsheet (
  id character varying,
  name   character varying
) server multicorn_gspreadsheet options(
  gskey '...',
  serviceaccount '...'

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